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Fun Run Race – Sunday 7th May 2017
10am START

The fun run races commence at 10am (and will conclude before MD10k starts at 11am prompt). Under 2yrs, £2 entry fee,  OTHER races £5 entry and ALL must be entered online  – race numbers will be posted out. There are limits set on race numbers so please don’t delay; once they are sold the race is FULL and there will be NO on the day entries.

First race at 10am prompt will be… 2yrs and under TODDLER WOBBLE 50m. Every wobbler will be a winner in our eyes and be presented with a medal and tasty gingerbread man.


Thereafter, the other races commence in the following order.

3-4yrs GIRLS 100m race 

3-4yrs BOYS 100m race 

5-6yrs GIRLS 200m race

5-6yrs BOYS 200m race

7-8yrs GIRLS 400m race

7-8yrs BOYS 400m race

9-10yrs GIRLS 800m race

9-10yrs BOYS 800m race

Prizes will be awarded to 1st placed girl and boy in each category; 2nd and 3rd placed finishers receive a certificate. ALL runners in these categories receive a Fun Run medal AND a childrens goody bag full of treats.


The following 4 categories are then run as one single race of 2 – 2.5k distance. Trophies will be awarded to 1st place in each category, certificates to 2nd & 3rd placed in each and ALL runners will receive a Fun Run medal and childrens goody bag. An additional surprise will be awarded to the winners of the 13-14 age group IF they will have attained 15yrs of age on race day at MD10k 2018.

11-12yrs GIRLS 2-2.5k race

11-12yrs BOYS 2-2.5k race

13-14yrs GIRLS 2-2,5k race

13-14yrs BOYS 2-2.5k race


The above link will take you to the Full on Sport website, where you can choose your appropriate age category – entries close midnight 31/03/17 or when races are full – whichever is sooner.

Prize giving will take place at approx. 12.40pm on the main school field for 11-14yrs age groups – all other winners will be given their certificates at the conclusion of the Fun Run races – all participants receive complimentary prizes for taking part as soon as they finish.
If you have any questions regarding the fun run please e-mail the team at

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